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Definity TN2793 24 Port Analog Circuit Pack Refurbished

Item #: TN2793

Definity TN2793 24 Port Analog Circuit Pack Features:

  • Add up to 24 analog extension ports
  • Dual coded, 24-port analog line that performs all the functions of the TN746B, 16-port analog line circuit pack
  • Each port supports 1 voice terminal such as 500 and 2500 terminals
  • Supports on-premises wiring with either touch-tone or rotary dialing and with or without the LED and neon message waiting indicators
  • Supports off-premises wiring with either DTMF or rotary dialing, but LED or neon message waiting indicators are not supported off-premises
  • Fully refurbished
  • Item #: TN2793

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