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Avaya TN2464BP DS1 Interface Circuit Pack Refurbished

Item #: TN2464BP

Avaya TN2464BP DS1 Interface Circuit Pack Features:
  • Supports DS1 Rate (24 Digital Channels) and E1 Rate (32 Digital Channels)
  • All versions support CO, TIE, DID and OPS (Off - Premises Stations) port types using the robbed signal protocol, proprietary bit-oriented signaling, (BOS) 24th channel signaling protocol, and the DMI-BOS 24th channel signaling protocol
  • All versions also support ISDN-PRI connectivity
  • TN2464BP provides echo cancellation and downloadable firmware capabilities for Definity Release 9 and later
  • TN2464BP backwards compatible with earlier Definity Releases
  • Firmware download feature requires use of the TN799C C-LAN interface
  • Fully refurbished
  • Item #: TN2464BP

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