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Norstar T7316 Phone Refurbished

Item #: T7316C

The Norstar T7316 is a 16 button phone for your Norstar CICS, MICS and BCM systems.

Norstar T7316 Features:

The Nortel T7316 Digital Telephone is compatible with both Norstar and BCM systems.


  • Works with Nortel's Norstar and BCM systems
  • Tilting, 2 Line Display
  • Speakerphone
  • Suitable for high call volumes users, including receptionist, managers, supervisors and executives
  • 24 Buttons, 16 which have LCD Icons
  • Headset ready
  • Replaces M7310
  • Compatible with all Norstar releases; new speaker button and new icons function on R6.1 and higher

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