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Plantronics TR-11 EHS Analog Adapter Cable

Item #: 88608-11

Compatible with Avaya Partner Telephones and Home Office – The TR-11 (Formerly TR-1) adapter allows you to answer and hang-up remotely with your wireless headset. Use the TR-11 in-place of the HL10 handset lifter to eliminate the physical lifting of your handset. The TR-11 triggers your hook-switch electronically.

The Plantronics TR-11 (88608-11) is a analog EHS adapter cable for any of the Plantronics CS500 Series & Plantronics Savi 700 Series.


  • For use with Plantronics CS500/W700 Series Wireless Headsets Only.
  • We strongly discourage using this device for home/residential setups with VoIP phone service. We continually have compatibility issues and numerous VoIP services have caused constant ringing in the TR-11.
  • The TR-11 does not contain a plug for a busy light. However, purchasing a 3.5 Y-cord from your local electronics store, you can connect a busy light and TR-11 for proper operation.


  • Is not compatible with busy lights (3rd party 3.5mm Y-cable required for busy light)


CS500 Series:

  • CS510
  • CS520
  • CS530
  • CS540

Savi 700 Series:

  • Savi W710
  • Savi W720
  • Savi W730
  • Savi W740

For Use w/ Plantronics Models:

  • CS50
  • CS55
  • CS70
  • CS70N

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