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Optiset E Headset Plus Adapter Refurbished

Item #: 69678

The Optiset E Headset Plus Adapter lets you plug one or two carbon microphone-type headsets and a recorder into your phone. You can then make and answer calls using a headset instead of the handset or the phone?s built-in microphone and speaker. This type of headset requires an amplifier. You can also record your conversations.The headsets attach to two RJ8 connectors. The recorder attaches to an RJ11 connector. Only the Optiset E Advance and Advance Plus telephones support this option. When a headset is plugged into the option, the speakerphone in the Optiset E Advance Plus telephones does not function. This adapter does not have a two-prong PJ327 adapter interface. The recorder works without a headset being plugged in.

Optiset E Headset Plus Adapter Features:
  • Adapter with two jacks - one which supports amplified Siemens headsets or supervisor monitoring and the other supports 600 ohm recording devices for desktop recording
  • This adapter can emit a recording indication beep which is required by law in some states
  • Works with Siemens M10 or M12 Modular Amplifier
  • Works with Plantronics M22 amplifier
  • For use with Optiset E Advance and Advance Plus phones
  • Fully Refurbished
  • Model 69678

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