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Optiset E Headset Adapter Refurbished

Item #: 69677

The Headset Adapter lets you plug one or two electret microphone-type headsets into your phone. You can then make and answer calls using a headset instead of the handset or the phone?s built-in microphone and speaker. This type of headset does not require an amplifier. Connection is made through two 5 RJ8 connectors. Only the Optiset E Advance and Advance Plus telephones support this option. When a headset is plugged into the option, the speakerphone in the Optiset E Advance Plus telephones does not function

Optiset E Headset Adapter Features:
  • Siemens Rolm Headset Adapter that plugs into your Optiset phone
  • Allows for headset use
  • Fully Refurbished
  • Model 69677
    For more Optiset E Headset Adapter information:

    Optiset E Standard, Advance, and Advance Plus Quick Reference Guide Brochure

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