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Merlin Messaging R2.0 Module Only Refurbished

Item #: 7107-R20

Merlin Messaging R2.0 Moduleeatures:
  • 200 Mailboxes with 100 hours of storage
  • Start with a 2 port license card and grow up to a 12 port license card-License cards sold separately
  • 4 Automated Attendants, call answer service, multilingual and more!
  • Use a clamshell when using with Merlin Legend or Merlin Magix systems with plastic carriers
  • No clamshell is needed with using on a Merlin Magix with a metal cabinet
  • Fully Refurbished

    Merlin Messaging R2.0 Module Compatibility:
  • Works with all Merlin Magix releases and Legend Release 7.0
  • Stay Informed