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Avaya Merlin Legend Release 7.0 Processor Refurbished

Item #: 517L7

Release 7.0 includes all Release 6.1 functionality, plus the enhancements listed below.

Avaya Merlin Legend Release 7.0 Processor Features:
  • Support for MLS and ETR telephones
  • Increases the maximum number of digital telephones supported from 127 to 200 by introducing a new 016 MLX module. In addition, each of the 200 ports can support an MFM adjunct which increases the current 255 station endpoints to 400
  • Voice Announce on Idle Only Option on MLX Telephones
  • Priority Call Queuing
  • Calling Party Name on Caller ID
  • MLX Headset Operation
  • Touch-Tone or Rotary Signaling
  • Abandoned Call Information Reported to MERLIN LEGEND Reporter
  • Includes 2MB Flash Card
  • Fully Refurbished
  • Stay Informed