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Avaya Merlin Legend Release 5 Processor Refurbished

Item #: 517J33

Avaya Merlin Legend Release 5.0 replacement processor is available refurbished. Release 5.0 includes all Release 4.2 functionality, plus the enhancements listed below.

Avaya Merlin Legend Release 5 Processor Features:
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)-he physical connection for the CTI link is an MLX port on a 008 MLX or 408 MLX module on the MERLIN LEGEND Communications System control unit and an ISDN link interface card plugged into the customer?s server. The feature is available for Hybrid/PBX mode systems only
  • HotLine Feature-It allows a system manager to program a single-line telephone extension connected to an 008 OPT, 012, or 016 module as a HotLine. When a user lifts the handset at the HotLine extension, the telephone automatically dials the inside extension or outside telephone number programmed as the first Personal Speed Dial number (code #01) for the extension
  • Release 5.0 and later systems include Group Calling features that enhance group calling operations
  • As of Release 5.0, the system recognizes the MLX-5 and MLX-5D telephones as 5-button telephones
  • Replacement Processor-Keep your investment up and running
  • Fully Refurbished
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