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Avaya Merlin Legend Release 3.0 Processor Refurbished

Item #: 517B33

Release 3.0 includes all Release 2.1 functionality plus the enhancements listed below.

Avaya Merlin Legend Release 3.0 Processor Features:
  • The Remote Access feature allows people at remote locations to enter the system by dialing the number of a line or trunk designated for remote access. The system can be programmed to require the remote user to dial a barrier code (a type of password) after reaching the system
  • Caller information (telephone number) is furnished to MLX display telephones by an 800 GS/LS-ID module using the LS (loop-start) option
  • A telephone may have up to 27 Shared SA buttons to expand extension coverage
  • The Authorization Code feature allows you to make calls using your calling privileges when you are dialing from an extension other than your own. When you enter your authorization code
  • Direct Voice Mail-If your company has voice mail, this feature allows you to dial a co-worker?s voice mailbox directly without ringing that person?s extension. Direct Voice Mail is especially useful for transferring calls when a co-worker is not available
  • Replacement Processor-Keep your investment up and running
  • Fully Refurbished
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