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Jabra GN2015 Binaural Headset New

Item #: 2009-320-105

The Jabra GN2015 corded headset is designed for true wideband sound which makes them perfect for IP Networks. Take advantage of the full IP Bandwidth (150-6800 Hz) for applications such as speech recognition, Voice-over-IP calling, and computer-based training.

The Jabra GN2015 has been discontinued. Phonelady.com recommends the Jabra GN2115 Binaural Headset.

Jabra GN2015 Binaural Headset Features:

  • Wear over the head, over both ears
  • Sound Tube technology
  • Binaural
  • Weighs only 2.9 Oz.
  • Perfect for the Office or Call Center
  • Requires Amplifier or Smart Cord (See below)

    For more Jabra GN2015 Binaural Headset information:

    Jabra GN2015 Data Sheet

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