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Jabra GN2010 Monaural Headset New

Item #: 2003-320-105

The Jabra GN2010 is designed to perform and built to last. The rugged Jabra GN2010 SoundTube Single Headset with omni-directional microphone is perfect for moderately noisy offices. In addition, the large ear cushion ensures excellent acoustical coupling and call clarity.

The Jabra GN2010 has been discontinued. Phonelady.com recommends the Jabra GN2110 Monaural Headset.

Jabra GN2010 Monaural Headset Features:
  • Wear over the head, over either ear
  • Sound tube technology
  • Monaural
  • Weighs only 1.8 oz.
  • Ideal for Call Center or Office
  • Requires Amplifier or Smart Cord

For more Jabra GN2010 Monaural Headset information:
Jabra GN2015 Data Sheet

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