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Jabra GN2000 USB Microsoft OC Duo Headset NC New

Item #: 20001-491

The Jabra GN2000 USB OC Noise Canceling headset significantly enhances the user?s experience with Microsoft? Office Communicator 2007. The Jabra GN2000 USB OC headset is based on technology from the Jabra GN2000 series, which has proven its worth in offices and contact centers all over the world. Extra?thick, feather soft ear cushions provide exceptional comfort and automatically adjust to the shape and angle of individual ears. The large ear cushions also provide better acoustical coupling, ensuring a rich incoming signal. Jabra headsets are made of impact?resistant materials that are strong and resilient to keep the headset firmly, yet comfortably in place throughout the workday. While other so-called ?wideband? headsets cut-off around 4,000 Hz, the Jabra GN2000 USB headset provides a full frequency response up to 6,800 Hz for optimum call clarity resulting in significantly less need to ask customers to repeat themselves. The Jabra GN2000 USB OC is a true plug-and-play solution. Much simpler than a handset or desk phone, the Jabra GN2000 USB OC headset has an in-line hook switch control to answer and hang up calls. In-line volume controls adjust the headset speakers to a comfortable level. The Jabra GN2000 USB OC headset works with Microsoft? Office Communicator 2007 without requiring any additional software, including drivers.

Jabra GN2000 USB Microsoft OC Duo Headset NC Features:

  • All-metal boom-arm pivot
  • Plastic-rubber composite
  • Fully gimbaled mounting
  • Frequency range up to 6,800 Hz
  • Duo earpieces (choice of mono or duo for Jabra GN2000 IP)
  • PeakStop technology ? max. 118 dB SP L (RMS )* according to UL 60950 standards
  • Benefits:
    • Solid construction and impact-resistant materials ensure long useful lifetime in tough work environments
    • Self-adjusting for all-day comfort, plus outstanding inbound sound quality so customer comments are clearly heard the very first time
    • Optimum call clarity ? up to 70% more range than other so-called ?wideband? headsets
    • True stereo experience with PC audio applications
    • Protection against sudden, loud sounds coming across the telephone network

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