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Avaya Partner ACS 012E Module Refurbished

Item #: 60559

The Avaya Partner ACS 012E Module provides ports for 12 Partner phones for a Partner ACS (release 5.0 or higher). 

Avaya Partner ACS 012E Module Features: 

  • Allows the ACS Release 5 and higher to support a maximum of 48 stations; all ports will support full Tip/Ring capability along with ETR
  • Supports CNG Fax detection
  • Provides 10 Touch-Tone receivers
  • Must be installed in slot 1 with additional 012 modules installed in slots 2 and higher
  • When installed in slot 1, supplies the system tones and system clocks
  • Available new and refurbished
  • Item numbers: 108773896, 60559, 103M
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