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Avaya IP Office IP500V2 UC Module V2 New

Item #: 700507449

The Avaya IP Office IP500V2 UC Module V2 Unified Communications Module is an embedded server supported on the IP500V2 controller with Release 9.1 or higher.

Avaya IP500V2 UC Module V2 Features:

  • Requires IP500V2 with 9.1 or higher software
  • Requires 1 bay in controller
  • No daughter card support
  • Essential Edition & Preferred Edition are both prerequisites
  • Max of 1 per control unit
  • Runs Linux software (included)
  • Supports up to 200 VM Pro + One-X Portal Users
  • Supports 50 simultaneous one-X Portal Users
  • Maximum of 20 ports when VM + One-X Portal installed
  • Maximum of 40 ports when using just Voicemail
  • Supports up to 6 systems when part of a SCN
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