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Avaya IP Office Server Edition DL360G7 Server 270393

Item #: 270393

Avaya IP Office Server Editon DL360G7 Server IPO R8.1+ BE PRIMARY Scaling (HP DL360)

IP Office Server Editon DL360G7 Server Features:

  • Up to 750 users/extensions (H.323, SIP, IP DECT, Wi-Fi, SIP ATA)
  • Up to 250 IP trunks (H.323, SIP)
  • Supports failover for up to 750 users/extensions
  • 150 Voicemail recording channels
  • 300 active one-X Portal for IP Office users
  • 256 conference channels
  • Note: - In a Server Edition solution both the Primary and Secondary Servers must be the same type (e.g. both DL360 or both R210)

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