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Avaya IP500 Digital 8 Station Card (700417330)

Item #: 700417330R

The Avaya IP Office IP500/500V2 8 Digital Station Card connects up to 8 of the IP Office supported Digital Sets. The card can be fitted with an IP Office Daughter Trunk Card Requires IP Office Release 4.0 and Higher.

IP Office IP500 Digital Station 8 Features:

  • Connect up to 8 IP Office-supported Digital Sets (except the 44xx Series sets)
  • Can be fitted with IP Office 500 Daughter Trunk Card
  • Maximum of 3 per IP500 or IP500V2 Control Unit
  • Accepts 1 IP Office 500 Trunk Daughter Card of any type
  • Maximum of 3 per system
  • Requires Release 4.0 or higher software
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