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Avaya IP Office IP412 System Refurbished

Item #: 700350408R

The Avaya IP412 is a highly expandable system, supporting up 360 ports maximum.

Avaya IP412 System Features:

  • 9-pin DTE port
  • X.21/V35 WAN interface
  • Support for up to 12 IP Office Expansion Modules: Phone modules (8, 16, 30), Digital Station modules (16, 30), Analog Trunk module 16, and So8 module
  • External O/P socket supporting two relay on/off switch ports
  • Two trunk interface card slots for analog, BRI, PRI (T1, E1), or CAS (E1R2)
  • 2 internal sockets for IP Telephone expansion - voice compression modules (from 4 to 30 channels)
  • Internal socket for internal modem (2 or 12) for Remote Access Services
  • 100 data channels
  • Up to 30 Voicemail Pro ports
  • Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports (Layer 3)
  • Trunk expansion capability of up to four PRI trunks
  • Stackable unit with an optional 19" rack mounting kit

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