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Avaya Partner ACS Release 7 Processor Refurbished

Item #: 6054-P70

The PARTNER ACS Release 7 processor delivers enhanced system functionality, growth and system processing speed. All existing expansion modules and sets from older PARTNER ACS systems can be used or reused in conjunction with the new 509 processor. This exciting change means cost savings for customers who require even more flexibility in growth.

Avaya Partner ACS Release 7 Processor Features:

  • Expandable system supports up to 48 Stations and 31 Lines (depending on config)
  • Supports analog outside lines and/or fractional T1
  • Auto attendant, call routing and messaging via two options: PARTNER Voice Mail and PARTNER Messaging. Unified Messaging available with the latter.
  • Avaya offers a wide range of 6, 18, and 34 button phones, attendant consoles and TransTalk wireless handsets
  • Easily connect a wide range of accessories and adjunct devices without adding more phone lines.
  • Avaya item# 700316474
  • Ships with Power Cord, New AAA batteries and Battery Cover

For more Avaya Partner ACS Release 7 Processor Information:

Avaya Partner ACS Release 7 Brochure

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