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Magix Processor Rel 4.0 Refurbished

Item #: 6180-P40

Use this Merlin Magix Release 4.0 Processor with your Merlin Magix Integrated Telephone System to provide the Backbone for all your Magix Applications. The New Avaya Magix Release 4.0 Processor is the "Brain" of the Merlin Magix Phone System.

Magix Processor Rel 4.0 Features:
  • Latest Hardware and Firmware Revision
  • Contains Programming/Circuitry that manages switching activities of your Telephone System
  • Provides over 150 Built-In Features
  • Supports new Applications from both Avaya and Independent Software Vendors for Messaging, Customer Service, Call Accounting, Security, and much more
  • Administation Port (RJ45)
  • PC Card Slot
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port
  • Grows up to 280 Ports
  • Item #: 700306665
  • Fully Refurbished

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