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IQ 310 w/T1 + DSX Interface New

Item #: 4203803L1


  • Intelligent, managed Frame Relay performance monitoring device with modular network interfaces for 56/64k, T1/FT1, and T1/FT1 + DSX-1 for data and TDM voice support, and T1 Probe modules
  • Provides extensive performance management at significant cost savings
  • Visibility and control for physical and logical links
  • Provides real-time measurement of Frame Relay metrics including throughput and utilization per port and PVC
  • Includes integral V.35 data interface and 10BaseT Ethernet interface for management
  • Java applet (N-Formant) for configuration and real time traffic monitoring
  • Optional dial backup modules for Safe-T-Net disaster recovery, ADTRAN's technology that provides dial backup for Frame Relay traffic. Safe-T-Net is supported in IQ, ATLAS, and Express 5200 Series products
  • Pre-packaged bundles available

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