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GAI-Tronics S.M.A.R.T. Telephone, Flush-Mount w/Keypad New

Item #: 298-003


  • 14 gauge passivated stainless steel flush-mount, aluminum housing
  • Call button w/metallic Braille keypad
  • Large palm activation button for help
  • Tamperproof hardware
  • Conformal coated electronics
  • ADA compliant
  • NEMA 3R weatherproof rating
  • Telephone line powered
  • No external power or no battery backup required
  • Remote programming
  • Tamper resistant hardware
  • Extreme operating temperature ranger 40C (-40F) to +60C (+140F)
  • FCC & IC Certified, UL 60950 Listed
  • Polls up to eight phones simultaneously
  • Monitors for stuck buttons, line conditions (current levels) microprocessor self-test, and call-in progress interrupted
  • Provides inactive phone reports
  • Provides call usage reports (including time, date, and length of call)
  • Provides exception reports
  • Provides maintenance call reports
  • Provides visual indicators (GUI) for health status of each phone
  • Provides call-in report lists with call-in records
  • Provides secured access to T.M.A. via key attached to the PC's USB port
  • Offers remote telephone configuration
  • Automatically compensates for poor line quality
  • Red LED light flashes upon activation ? steady when audio is detected

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