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Atlas 800 Series Quad T1/PRI Module New

Item #: 1200185L3

The Quad T1/PRI module combines with other ATLAS components to implement a variety of WAN access products, including a T1 Bandwidth Manager , an ISDN Access Switch, and a Digital Access Cross-connect System (DACS).

  • Four T1/PRI interfaces
  • Built-in CSUs
  • Configurable for DS-1, PRI, or DSX-1 operation
  • Maximum distance 6,000 ft
  • AT&T 54016, 62411, and ANSI T1.403 compliant
  • D4 and ESF framing formats
  • AMI and B8ZS line coding
  • D-Channel to robbed bit signaling conversion
  • ESF performance monitoring
  • Local and remote loopback support
  • Generates and detects QRSS test pattern
  • Compliant with Lucent 4ESS/5ESS, Nortel DMS100 and National ISDN
  • Lightning protection
  • Occupies a single slot in the ATLAS 800 series chassis
  • Hot swappable
  • Standard five-year warranty

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