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Total Access 750/850/1500 Single 2W/4W E&M/TO New

Item #: 1180402L1


  • Used for PBX applications or Analog Cross Connects
  • 50 pin AMP connectors for connectivity
  • Requires a BCU (L1 or L2) in Total Access 850
  • 600 ohms (4-wire) or 600 ohms + 2.15mf (2-wire) VF interface with DC isolation
  • Provisioning by onboard switches or craft interface
  • 2-wire mode:TLP transmit input range of 0.0 to -9.0 dBm. TLP receive output range of -9.0 to 0.0 dBm
  • 4-wire mode:Up to 12.0 dBm transmit and receive attenuation. TLP transmit input range of -3.5 to +8.5 dBm. TLP receive output range of -3.5 to +8.5 dBm
  • Compatible with Types I, II, III, or V E&M signaling interfaces
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40C to +65C
  • Meets UL 1950, NEBS Level 3, FCC, and PUB43801 standards

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