Snom D7 Expansion Module

Snom D7 Expansion Module
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Snom D7 Expansion Module

Snom D7 Expansion Module

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The expansion module snom D7 7EM for the 7xx series significantly improves the functional capability of the snom 715, 720, 725, 760 and 765 . In addition to the programmable LED-keys of the 7xx IP-telephones, the user profits from the snom D7 7EM’s 18 self-labeling keys that are easily operable. Furthermore, up to two snom D7 7EMs can be attached to the snom 715, 720, 725, 760 and 765 via a USB port – which provides an even wider range of functions. The low power consumption of the snom D7 7EM is an obvious advantage: up to two snom D7 7EMs can be supplied with electricity and do not need to be connected to an extra power source. 

The D7 expansion module features 18 multi-color LED keys which can be programmed with all functions available known from snom phones like line, speed dial, busy lamp field, presence indication, and many more. The call or presence status of your contacts is presented by the D7’s multi-color LED keys at any given time. The high-resolution display provides a perfect visual interface which can be easily configured and labeled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself.


  • snom 715 (snom PN 00002792)
  • snom D715 (snom PN 00004039)
  • snom 720 (snom PN 00002794)
  • snom D725 (snom PN 00003916)
  • snom 760 (snom PN 00002795)
  • snom D765 (snom PN 00003917)

SNOM D7 Expansion Module Features:

  • 18 highly configurable self-labeling LED keys
  • High-resolution black & white display with backlight
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules
  • Plug and play
  • Power supplied by phone via USB port

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