Poly SAVI 7220 DECT Wireless Binaural Headset TAA

Poly SAVI 7220 DECT Wireless Binaural Headset TAA
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Poly SAVI 7220 DECT Wireless Binaural Headset TAA

Poly SAVI 7220 DECT Wireless Binaural Headset TAA

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The Poly Savi 7220 Office is a stereo headset with wideband audio quality and a noise cancelling microphone. Using a binaural headset improves focus at work, increasing productivity. Savi 7220 is designed for comfort with an adjustable headband, super-soft padding on the earphones, and a flexible microphone boom. To simplify collaboration, you can use a single Savi 7220 base to conference up to 4 headsets. Just one more way that Savi 7220 Office improves productivity for company-wide communications!

Poly Savi 7220 Office is a wireless headset for use with desk phones in the office. Savi 7220 enables mobile convenience by using wireless DECT technology. It offers an incredible wireless range of up to 400ft, which is farther than a football field! And it uses a DECT adaptive power system to sense how close the headset is to the base, adjusting power usage to suit the situation. Because of that adaptive system, you get up to 12 hours of talk time. Savi 7220 Office is designed for use with either analog or IP desk phones and is compatible with over 800 models. Connect the base to the phone to receive professional wireless communications.

Poly Savi 7220 DECT Wireless Binaural Headset Features:

  • Wireless roaming up to 400ft line of sight,  180ft in a typical office
  • Flexible microphone boom arm
  • Noise canceling mic
  • 64 bit encryption DECT Security Certified
  • Conference additional 3 Savi 7200 series headsets for conference or training calls
  • DECT technology, No Wi‐Fi interference
  • 12 hours talk time on a single charge (50 hours of standby). 3 hour charge time.
  • SoundGuard protects against sound levels above 118 dBA
  • Anti-startle detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level
  • Headset weight 138g
  • Connects easily to most desk phones
  • Remote answering with lifter (HL10) or electronic hook switch module (EHS), sold separately. Call for compatibility.
  • TAA Complaint
Talk time on single charge 12 Hours
Wireless roaming up to 400 Ft with Line of Sight, 180 ft in typical office 180-400 Feet
Standby time 50 Hours
Charge Time 3 Hours

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