Jabra GN2000 USB Duo UC Headset

Jabra GN2000 USB Duo UC Headset
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Jabra GN2000 USB Duo UC Headset

Jabra GN2000 USB Duo UC Headset

SKU: 20001-495
* This Product is Now Obsolete
No Replacement Available
The GN2000 Series lets you hear every detail, the first time. For PC-based IP telephony, the GN2000 IP supports the full IP network bandwidth for applications such as speech recognition, voice-over-IP calling and computer-based training. For PSTN applications, the GN2000 is the ideal headset for busy and noisy environments, utilizing the full frequency of the telephone network to ensure exceptional sound quality on every call. From its sturdy rubber-plastic composite to all-metal boom pivots and impact resistant headbands, every detail of the GN2000 Series has been designed with durability in mind¬ómaking it perfect for even the most demanding call centers.

Jabra GN2000 USB Duo UC Headset Features:
  • All-metal boom-arm pivot
  • Plastic-rubber composite
  • Fully gimbaled mounting
  • Frequency range up to 6,800 Hz
  • Meets TIA-920 standard for genuine wideband response
  • Interchangeable SoundTube boom (accessory)
  • Duo earpieces (choice of mono or duo for Jabra GN2000 IP)
  • PeakStop technology ? max. 118 dB SP L (RMS )* according to UL 60950 standards
  • Old item #: 20001-091, 20001-095
  • Solid construction and impact-resistant materials ensure long useful lifetime in tough work environments
  • Self-adjusting for all-day comfort, plus outstanding inbound sound quality so customer comments are clearly heard the very first time
  • Optimum call clarity: up to 70% more range than other wideband headsets
  • Improved hygiene and greater peace of mind
  • True stereo experience with PC audio applications
  • Protection against sudden, loud sounds coming across the telephone network
  • The Jabra GN2000 USB is compatible with: PC/Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


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