Avaya Partner Systems and Phones

With over one million systems sold, the Avaya PARTNER Advanced Communication System (ACS) is one of the most popular telephony solutions worldwide. The PARTNER ACS is a highly reliable, user-friendly, feature-rich system designed for small and growing businesses. Other great benefits of the PARTNER ACS include flexibility and expandability. The PARTNER ACS processor module can operate on its own or can be used with a 2- or 5-slot carrier and additional expansion modules. Expansion modules can be used to add lines and extensions to the system, or additional capabilities such as voice messaging and fractional T1 support. Additionally, the PARTNER ACS system is easy to install and administer. It is simple to add modules and telephones, and software upgrades can be performed easily by inserting a PCMCIA card into the system. As an authorized Avaya dealer, TelecomEx offers not only the latest Avaya PARTNER ACS processor — release 8 — but also many parts and phones from older PARTNER ACS releases, including PARTNER Plus, PARTNER II, and Standalone Baby PARTNER. Whether you are in the market for a new Avaya PARTNER ACS system or looking to expand your existing system, the expert staff at TelecomEx can help you find just the right PARTNER ACS system, processor, telephone and/or voicemail solution for you.