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ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC USB Headset Switch New

Item #: ZMS20-UC

The ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC is an enhanced version of the ZoomSwitch ZMS10-C, optimized for VoIP and unified communications and offering volume control and mute button functionality. The ZMS20-UC is a USB headset switch that allows you to connect your office headset to your phone and your computer and switch between them at the touch of a button.

ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC USB Headset Switch Features:
  • Switch from your computer to your office phone with the press of a button
  • Volume control and mute button
  • Use with wireless or wired headset, or your phone's handset
  • ZMS20-UC is compatible wtih Cisco IP Phones
  • Make VoIP and Skype calls or video chats using your headset or phone handset
  • Utilize your existing Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Toshiba, Panasonic or other phone with a handset port
  • Listen to music or take an online seminar using your existing headset
  • Keep your computer's sound private, use your headset rather than the speakers or microphone
  • Dictate to speech recognition software
  • Package includes: ZoomSwitch, USB cable and RJ9 handset cord

  • Compatibility:

  • Compatible with unified communications applications like Microsoft Office Communicator, Cisco IP Communicator, IBM Sametime, Avaya One X and Google Voice
  • Compatible with most home or office phones including Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Toshiba, Panasonic or other phones with a handset port
  • Compatible with most major brand wired or wireless headsets provided they connect to the phone set via the handset port

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