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Definity TN2224CP 24 Port Digital Station Card Refurbished

Item #: TN2224CP

Avaya Definity TN2224CP 24-Port Digital Line Circuit Card is used for Definity Release 5.0 and higher.

Definity TN2224CP 24 Port Digital Station Card Features:

  • Interfaces to 24 2-wire digital voice terminals in the 8400 and 6400 Series
  • Terminals must be located within 3500 feet of the main equipment location using 24-gauge cable
  • Also supports the 302B1 console in a 2-wire mode
  • Requires Definity G3V4 Issue 5.2 or later system software
  • Freestanding data modules or 7400 Series terminals are not supported with this circuit card
  • Not supported behind Definity G2 Universal Module System hardware
  • Fully Refurbished

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