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Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headset New

Item #: 9559-583-125

The Jabra Engage 75Stereo is designed for the busy user who needs exceptional quality and the ability to connect to up to 5 devices.

Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Features:

  • Over the head, over both ears wearing style
  • DECT wireless headset with 150m/490ft range
  • Up to 13 hours’ battery life
  • Integrated busylight
  • Connect to 5 devices
  • Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements
  • Also ships with Neck Band
  • Intuitive audio control, including answer, end, reject, mute
  • Red busy light on microphone tip and headset light up when on call or manually to indicate 'busy/do not disturb'
  • Charge time 90 minutes for 100%, 30 minutes for 40%
  •  Provides simultaneously connection to up to five devices. It can connect to desk phone, softphone, analog phone, and two Bluetooth devices.
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • DECT Secure Level C

For more Jabra Engage 75 Stereo information:

Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Brochure




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