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Avaya IP500V2 IP System Bundle

Item #: ip500b2

Great Savings on Avaya IP500V2!

For small business looking to upgrade to a VoIP solution, this Avaya IP500V2 System Bundle is an extremely economical solution.

The Avaya IP500V2 System Bundle includes:

    • 1 IP500V2 Control Unit
    • 1 SD Card
    • 1 8.1 DVD
    • Essential Edition License
    • 1 IP500 VCM32
    • 1 of IP500 Phone 2 Exp. Card
    • 2 IP500 4 Port CO Cards
    • 12 of the 1616-I IP Phone (Power Extra, see below)
    System Summary:


      • 2 Ports of Essential Edition (Embedded) Voicemail
      • 32 VCM Channels, 8 CO ports, 2 Analog phone ports, 12 Avaya IP End Point licenses
      • System expands to 384 ports
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