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Rolmphone RP624SL Refurbished

Item #: 66408

The Rolmphone RP624SL adds high functionality for your busy users.


  • Features Include:11 Lines, 24 Feature Buttons Total, Including Lines + 22 LEDs
  • Two-Way Speakerphone, Hands-Free Control, Adjustable LCD Display
  • Modular- Supports 2 Bay Options Plus 1 Keyboard Expansion Option
  • Programmable Dialing, Redialing, Speed Dialing, One-Way Speaker for On-Hook and Intercom Dialing
  • Call Monitoring, Conference Calling up to 8 Parties-2 External, Various Ringing Tones
  • Call Forwarding, Transferring, Call-Waiting, Adjustable Volume, Muting, More
  • Fully Refurbished
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