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Avaya 2420 Digital Phone Refurbished

Item #: 2420D01A

The Avaya 2420 Digital Phone is a popular model for users of all job types.

Avaya 2420 Digital Phone Features:

  • Large-scale display for easy viewing
  • Call control with 24 call appearance/feature buttons
  • Switch automatically performs key/button labeling
  • Online access to electronic downloads gives near-instant access for key product upgrades and feature enhancements
  • Additional features include call logging and a speed-dial directory
  • Available only in gray

  • Avaya 2420 & Plantronics Headset Compatibility:
  • Use the APV-66 Cable with the CS500 & SAVI Wireless Headsets
  • Use the APV-6B Cable with the CS50, CS55 & CS70N Wireless Headsets
  • Use the APV-66 EHS Cable with CS540
  • Use the HIC Cable with "H" Series tops.
  • Use any of the New Plantronics EncorePro Headsets.

  • Avaya 2420 and GN Netcom Jabra Compatibility:
  • Use the Jabra Link 19 Cable with the Jabra PRO 9400 & Jabra GO 6400 Wireless Headsets
  • Use the Jabra Link 19 Cable with the Jabra 9330E USB, 9350e Series Wireless Headsets
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