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Siemens/ROLM is here to give you an economical means of support for your Siemens phone system. We’ve been offering refurbished Siemens telephone and ROLM equipment since 1991. Whether you need a Hicom, 9751 or PhoneMail system, we have it all. We stock Rolmphones, Optisets and Optipoint phones, too.

If you have something in the Hicom 300 family of Siemens phones systems, we stock the SLMO, SLMR and TMDN64 cards you need. So whether you need to bring up a new site, grow your current location, set up a crash kit or replace a single circuit card, we can assist you. We also continue to support the entire Siemens ROLM 9751 and PhoneMail family of systems, offering everything from complete systems to crash kits and replacement cards.

Because quality control is important to us, all Rolmphones, Optisets and Optipoint phones are tested and refurbished in our state-of-the-art facility. They ship to you looking like new and ready to install.

For all things ROLM, including Network Switches, look no further than

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