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Polaris Headsets

Polaris HeadsetsPlease note, Plantronics has discontinued production of its Polaris series of headsets. has compiled a list of alternative recommendations for these discontinued Polaris headsets; please see the chart below.

The Plantronics H series replaces the Polaris (P) series, when used with an A10 cable, available from Browse our wide array of Plantronics H series, or contact us via email or phone at 877-300-7557 for our expert advice.


Plantronics Polaris Headsets: Discontinued Models Alternative Headset Recommendations
P251N SupraPlus Polaris Monaural NC H251N
P261 SupraPlus Polaris Binaural H261
P261N SupraPlus Polaris Binaural NC H261N
P351 SupraPlus SL Polaris Monaural H251
P351N SupraPlus SL Polaris Monaural NC H251N
P361 SupraPlus SL Polaris Binaural H261
P361N SupraPlus SL Polaris Binaural NC H261N
P61 Supra Polaris H261
P61N Supra Polaris w/NC H261N
P91 Encore Polaris H91
P91N Encore Polaris w/NC H91N
P101 Encore Polaris H101
P101N Encore Polaris w/NC H101N
P141 DuoSet Polaris H141
P141N DuoSet Polaris w/NC H141N
P161N DuoPro Polaris w/NC H161N
P171N DuoPro Polaris w/NC H171N
P31 StarSet Polaris H31

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