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Nortel Meridian

Organize and improve your business with a Nortel Meridian phone system. If you need to add some new mailboxes to this classic workhorse and you’re not ready to jump into a major Nortel upgrade, can give you some options. We can sell you a larger, refurbished version of your current system or supply you with parts and handsets to keep your Meridian system up and running into the future.

We have Meridian mail and CallPilot voicemail systems and a large selection of circuit cards. We also have the DuVoice voicemail system which is very compatible with Meridian. At, we stock everything from digital line cards, analog line cards, and TDMI cards to the expansion cabinets for 11C, and IPE shelves for 51c, 61c and 81c.

If you’re looking for older, discontinued Meridian phones and handsets, we stock M2006, M2008, M2616 and M2216 ACD phones; for current models, we carry M3901, M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905 phones.

With, your legacy Meridian phone system can continue to serve you well for many more years.

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