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Norstar by Nortel offers the full line of Nortel Norstar key systems, both new and refurbished. Whether you have a Norstar 3x8, 6x16 or 8x24 copper system, a Norstar Compact Integrated Communication System (ICS) or fiber Modular ICS, we can help.

We stock entire Norstar phone systems, expansions, and Norstar phones; additionally we offer convenient mail-in repair service. We can support your legacy copper systems with replacement parts like the M0x16 and M12x0, or with expansion modules and M7100, M7208, M7310 and M7324 phones. also supports the Compact ICS and Module ICS system with software upgrades, expansions, repair of existing modules and voicemail systems. Whether you need to add more users, a T1 or PRI, and a few more outside lines, can help you upgrade your Norstar in an economical manner, offering solutions that the manufacturer doesn’t offer.

Need voicemail? We’ve got the CallPilot 100 and CallPilot 150 Norstar voicemail systems. We also carry the Nortel BCM Business Communication Manager, which is a great solution for a wide range of businesses.

We also support the Norstar NAM voicemail, offering expansion and replacement hardware.

When it comes to Nortel, is the one place for everything you need.

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