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GAI-Tronics Emergency Phones is proud to offer the complete line of emergency telephones from GAI-Tronics. Applicable for use in environments such as college campuses, parking garages, sports arenas, business and industrial parks, GAI-Tronics’ emergency phones set the standard for performance and reliability, even in the harshest environments. GAI-Tronics manufactures a wide variety of emergency telephone products, meeting virtually any application required. Featuring a flexible design that allows for flush, surface and/or pole mounting, GAI-Tronics is committed to safety and ease of use in all environments.

GAI-Tronics SMART (Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology) emergency phones feature monitoring for stuck buttons, line conditions (current levels) microprocessor self-test, and call-in progress interrupted, as well as providing visual indicators (GUI) for health status of each phone.

Feel free to call at 877-300-7557 if you have questions about our GAI-Tronics line of emergency phones; our expert sales staff is here to assist you.

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